SRL Technology provides smart home automation solutions for your new home. Using WIFI / IR controlled switches, power points, cameras and more, we can turn your home into a voice controlled smart home.
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The concept of ‘home automation’ is where everyday household items are brought to life by making them more intelligent and inter-connected. It is commonly referred to Internet of Things (IoT). Setting up your smart home can be as basic as putting a smart speaker in your living room, or as complex as an intricate network of connected devices. Really, making a smart home is up to you, and you can personalise it to your level of comfort. Electric lighting is a mainstay of modern life. Whether it’s overhead lighting, a lamp, ceiling fan or even a night light, electric light helps us to see no matter what time of day it is, makes our homes safer and more secure, and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for our families. It’s little wonder that many people considering adding smart capabilities to their homes decide to start with smart lighting. Smart light switches enable you to control your lights with the touch of a button no matter where you are. Our Wi-fi enabled switches are at heart of our home automation solution. Our smart switches retrofit existing electrical points and connect directly to your home wi-fi router. Once connected, these can be easily controlled by smart phone or a tablet, by linking our skill with Google or Alexa you now gain voice control over your devices. Within our App you get real time status of your smart devices, you can share devices, set timers.


Remote or WiFi

Stylish & Elegant Design

Graceful lines and stylish in appearance these switches are characterised by their smooth glass surfaces making them highly fashionable.

Safety and Design

S.R.L. switches have under gone stringent testing compliance procedures, enabling us to bring quality, safe products to the Australian market.

Diverse Products

S.R.L. can offer the market a diverse range of switches and sockets, including our remote and Wifi series, coupled with our other devices we can make your home automation dream seem easy.

Can the AGED and People with disabilities Benefit

When personal independence and security matters count, specialised home automation products can assist and positively make a difference to someone’s life. Integrated automation solutions can increase access and mobility around the home as well as give monitoring capabilities for caregivers.

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